The Network International - A South African film production powerhouse since 1994. Known for on-time and on-budget project completion. Global Reach: Production experience in 42 countries. We’re proud to announce a new division: InGenius-VR A full-service international Virtual and Augmented Reality Production Studio
A Virtual Reality studio fusing the best of film and gaming technology. Two-year development program built combines film making with 360° Cinema and CG Virtual Reality. We’re not just geeks with great gear. We’re experienced filmmakers who have mastered the art and craft of creating world-class Virtual Reality.
22 years’ experience making 2D films, Virtual reality difficult, must hide all the props, lights, gear and crew. Shoot with six or more perfectly matched and synched cameras. Manage, stitch and edit avalanches of data. Create 3 dimensional soundscapes. "Jumping from Film to VR is a Quantum Leap. You need to blend the grammar of film, the fluidity and continuity of theatre, the choreography of dance, and the aesthetics of stills with high level post-production. It requires a whole new way of thinking — but the potential is extraordinary." Duncan Robson CEO & CREATIVE DIRECTOR, Duncan Robson is an accomplished director with 30 years of storytelling innovation and concept development, applied motion control, specialized cinematography, and refined post-production experience working with high value clients and agencies.
KIM WHITE, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Kim segued from global account manager for international agencies into The Network’s internationally respected Executive Producer. She manages the minutiae of highly complex productions while maintaining excellent client and supplier relationships. CLIVE SHIRLAW, DIGITAL ALCHEMIST: Clive is a digital specialist with 20 years’ experience in VFX technology, haptics, digital image making, data management & post-production for major motion pictures. As Panavision's Digital Imaging Manager for 7 years, Clive gained in-depth knowledge of high end optics with ARRI, Panavision and other platforms.
NICO VAN DER MERWE, VR-CGI-AR MAGICIAN: Nico is a TED speaker, academic, gifted gamer, and app developer who writes firmware code in his spare time for fun. Often headhunted by the world’s top CGI & VR companies, love of Cape Town keeps him here. Consultant to VR software houses and a groundbreaking legend in VR tech. KEITH SHIRLAW, ASSOCIATE PRODUCER & PROJECT MANAGER: An experienced filmmaker with hands-on experience in every technical department, Keith oversees the complex logistics that “dot the i’s and cross the t’s” in professional film production. His attention to detail and synergy is vital to our team success.
MINKE SWART, VR PRODUCTION WIZARD: AFDA graduate Minke is a natural and dedicated filmmaker with an instinctive understanding of and gift for digital media. She coordinates and oversees 360 degree filming and manages the VR stitching and Post-production process. Together we are InGenius-VR
10 ways the world's top brands are capitalizing on the power of VR and you can too. Image YouTube Gaming Channel
Volvo used virtual reality to showcase the XC90 interior and deliver a virtual test drive. We can do that.
The New York Times highlighted the plight of thirty million children displaced by war and donated a million VR headsets to readers to spread the message. We can do that.
Tequila Patrón promote brand image with a VR experience that blends live action & computer graphics. We can do that.
Coca Cola created a Father Christmas VR experience with animated reindeer to engage kids and confirm Coke as a leading-edge brand. We can do that.
Topshop gave every customer a front row seat at their London Fashion Week season launch with live streamed & in-store virtual reality. We can do that.
Destination British Columbia created ‘Wild Within’ – a VR marketing campaign to virtually immerse potential visitors in scenes of great natural beauty. We have done that.
Marriot Hotels created ‘VR Postcards’ that teleport clients to unique landscapes near selected resorts, building brand and location awareness. We have done that.
Have you got VR ideas? We can make them happen.
Want to see more examples of what VR can do? It is an amazingly versatile medium.
LIVE SPORT: Enjoy a real stadium experience live streamed or whenever in the comfort of your living room. We have done that.
Driver Training. This Toyota program teaches drivers to focus and ignore in-car & external distractions with no live instructor or risk to the vehicle or pedestrians. We can do that.
Surgeon Training; VR training tools combine VR and CGI to train surgeons in new & advanced techniques at low cost and with no patient risk. Can also use economical way to train welders and other repetitive work. We can do that.
VR Concerts: Paul McCartney, U2, Cold Play and others are recording and streaming incredible VR concert performances for fans to experience live or later. We have done that.
Combat Training: Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS) is a wearable VR system that teaches troops situational awareness, tactics & teamwork in virtual environments. We have done that.
VR in Wellness: The immersive power of VR can be harnessed to provide therapy, reduce stress, and improve mental health. Streaming and recorded VR nature and wildlife can provide instant low or no-cost mini-holidays anytime anywhere. We are doing that.
VR in AeroSpace: NASA and other space agencies were early adopters, using VR to train astronauts in spacecraft operation. VR + CGI training is a cost-effective way to provide skills training in repetitive tasks like welding. We can do that.
VR for Museums and Expos: Museums, galleries, and tourist attractions harness VR to take their experience to the audience. Will shows, exhibitions and shopping be next? We can do that.
Re-Creating History: Pure-CGI and CGI-plus-film recreate historic venues and events for learning and exploration. We are doing that.
VR for Real Estate & Architecture: Potential buyers can view and explore a property and neighborhood with VR film. If not built, CGI can provide a similar experience. We can do that.
International film directors and agencies come to Cape Town for Incredible climate, awesome creative talent pool, World-class technical capacity, large pool of high-quality talent, Weak local currency that streeeetches Dollars. Now come to make your Virtual Reality/Computer Generated Imagery/Augmented Reality dreams come true. Call +27 21 448 0335 email IDEAS@INGENIUS-VR.COM website INGENIUS-VR.COM

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